It's easy to stock and sell glogg

As well as offering customised, bespoke bottles, we also supply packs of our glogg branded bottles for retail sale. These are available in sensible volumes to minimise your initial outlay and we offer speedy delivery. Retailers are free to mix and match bottle styles, sizes and top types to help you work out what sells best for you.

A bottle and top to suit everyone

We've developed the glogg range in response to customer demand and have a big variety of sizes, neck widths, top types and colours in stock as standard. You can also use our bespoke service to have bottles customised to your exact specification.

If you're not sure what you need, please call us. We're always happy to give guidance on what's most suitable for your store or sector and what sells well.

If you can't see what you're looking for from our current range, let us know. Most things are possible and we'll do whatever we can to source bottles and tops to suit you.

Great service for every customer

glogg has the flexibility to cater for a wide spectrum of customers and order volumes. Our clients include small independent retailers, sports shop chains, celebrity chef restaurants, famous fashion designers, charities, luxury car brands, health food stores, schools, gyms, sporting events, major music festivals, spas and more.

They all get exactly the same personal, attentive service and so will you.

If you're an independent retailer wanting to trial glogg bottles with a small order, that's fine – you'll get the same care as a customer placing high volume orders.

If you're a big retailer needing large orders, that's fine too – your orders will be handled promptly and efficiently.

Easy ordering and free delivery

To check availability of the items you're interested in, just drop us a line at to request a wholesale price list. Delivery is free to one UK address for all orders over £150.

How can we help?

Sound good? Why not give us a call today to talk about your business or organisation trialling glogg.

We want you to enjoy great success with your glogg bottles. So, whatever we can do to help, let us know. If you've got questions, suggestions or just want to place an order, please get in touch.

glogg® bottles are:

Good value

You and your customers will get great quality at a great price.

Leak-proof, lightweight and durable

They'll last for years and are fully recyclable when it's time to retire them.


Made from high-quality, food-grade stainless steel, they avoid the potential health risks related to aluminum or plastic bottles or those with plastic linings. Our bottles are all made used using FDA-approved, BPA free materials and they keep drinks tasting fresh and cool.

Available in a wide range of sizes, neck widths, top types and colours

There's a glogg bottle for everyone, from 350ml bottles for kids and handbags to 1000ml bottles for maximum rehydration.

Suitable for sports drinks and fruit juices as well as water


Easy to clean by hand or dishwasher


A stylish accessory

They make a good-looking statement about your lifestyle choices.

Why people use reusable bottles

To help protect the environment

2.4 billion plastic bottles go in to landfill each year and take 500 years to degrade. Transporting bottled drinks around the world generates huge amounts of CO2 and contributes to global warming.

It encourages people to drink more water

They make it easy to keep hydrated, even on the go.

To save money on bottled water

There are no proven health benefits for mineral water over tap water and the regulations for tap water are more stringent than those for bottled water. Plus, in blind tests most people can’t tell the difference in taste.

They are an affordable impulse buy

And, once people have one and see how great they are, they tend to buy more.