Make an impression…

Looking to sell your own high quality stainless steel water bottles featuring your organisation's logo or custom design? Or would your business benefit from using customised water bottles to promote your company, brand or event? We offer everything from a small, subtle, lasered logo through to a fully wrapped design bottle – it's your choice.

We've worked with some of the UK's leading retailers and events organisers to produce a variety of bespoke products. There's no minimum order quantity and we can handle volumes of 500,000+.

We also offer a full design service and can walk you through the process from initial concept and design through to delivery.

How long does the process take?

We keep a large range of bottles sizes, styles and top types in stock to enable us to create bespoke orders as quickly as you need them. If your requirements are particularly large or complex, then we may have to manufacture stock to order and this can take longer. You can Contact Us to discuss your specific requirements.

How much do bespoke bottles cost?

Prices vary depending on the order volume and complexity of your design. If you're keen to find out more, then please Contact Us to discuss your ideas and we can provide you with a ballpark quote. We have no minimum order volume for our bespoke service.

Print options

We use a variety of different printing techniques to allow us to fulfil a wide range of design and volume requirements and meet most budgets.

We take quality and customer service extremely seriously, so all of our bespoke printing is completed by local specialists in the UK.

The section below provides an overview of the print options we offer and examples of our work.

glogg's® tailor-made process

Contact us to discuss your design ideas and we'll talk you through the various bottle style and print options.

Supply us with the artwork for your bottle (or we can handle the design process for you) and we'll provide a quote.

We can arrange for a mock-up of your design to be created, either an image or a physical sample. Any tweaks to your design or logo positioning can be made at this stage.

Once you're happy to proceed, you pay a deposit and we'll agree a timeline for print and delivery. We'll keep you updated with progress as your order is completed.

Once we've finished printing, your bottles will go through a final quality check and we'll send them out to you. If you have any particular packing/labelling/barcoding requirements, we can complete this too.


Pad Printing


Pad printing (also called tampography) uses a silicone pad which is pressed into an inked plate etched with your artwork. The inked pad is then pressed on to the bottle to leave a printed image. The inks contain hardeners to produce a bold and enduring design on the bottles.

  • Produces a sharp, bold, enduring image
  • Quick and efficient production on high volumes
  • Excellent colour matching to Pantone shades
  • Highly consistent image production
  • Set up costs can be prohibitive for smaller orders
  • Print width limited to 48mm round curve of bottle
Recommended For
  • Orders of 300 bottles+
  • Intricate, detailed logos, where accuracy and consistency are key
  • Orders that are likely to be repeated - once design plates are made they can be reused again and again

Maximum production capacity per day: 1000 units


Digital Printing


Our digital printing uses UV light to dry or cure the ink as it is applied to the steel. Because the ink is dried immediately, the colours don't get the chance to spread or mix, so this technique is great for highly detailed images where clarity and precision is needed.

  • Low set up costs, so good for smaller orders
  • Can be used to print wide images round the circumference of the bottle
  • Great for highly detailed designs or where shading/gradients are required
  • Cost does increase if image is wider than 35mm
Recommended For
  • Smaller orders (<300 units) or one-off samples
  • Complex, highly detailed designs

Maximum production capacity per day: 200 units


Powder Coating


We work with a local Sheffield-based partner to produce powder coated finishes on our bottles. This is adds tough, solid colour coating using an electric charge, which is then cured under heat. This leaves a smooth coloured coating which is more heardwearing than conventional paint. We can do matte or gloss finishes and match colours to Pantone shades. Laser or digital designs can then be added on top of the powder coating.

  • Fully coats bottles in a hardwearing finish
  • Can be used to produce fully wrapped designs
  • Set up costs can be high if a bespoke shade of finish is required
  • Leadtimes are longer than for our other print options
Recommended For
  • Where a fully wrapped bottle design is required

Maximum production capacity per day: 50 units


Laser Marking and Engraving


Laser marking and engraving use laser technology to permanently engrave or mark your design on to bottles. We can produce a variety of effects and even some different shades/colours using this technique and it produces a sophisticated and enduring finish.

  • Produces subtle, detailed designs
  • Produces a highly durable image - won't chip or scratch off over time
  • Rapid processing (for small designs)
  • Highly consistent and accurate image replication
  • Very limited colour options
Recommended For
  • A subtle, stylish finish
  • Where longevity of the design is a priority

Maximum production capacity per day: 1000 units