• Stainless steel is the no-compromise alternative to disposable paper or reusable plastic cups
  • Diverts landfill waste with each use


  • Can be reused indefinitely
  • Won’t deteriorate over time


  • Constructed from certified 304L food grade stainless steel
  • Won’t shatter like glass or shard like plastic

UK Designed and Made

  • Quality, without compromise
  • Supporting British jobs, skills and industry
  • Reduced environmental impact compared to Far East imports
  • UK trading standards compliant for sale of alcoholic drinks

The benefits of introducing the glogg stainless steel pint cup at your festival or event


  • Diverts large amounts of waste from landfill


  • Compelling business case for lease or purchase
  • Reduce cost and overhead of ongoing bin maintenance and post-event clean up
  • Customers get a take-away souvenir they can keep, offering ongoing promotion of your event or brand

Improved customer experience

  • Reduces the amount of discarded waste during festivals and events
  • No more unsightly overflowing bins and recycling points
  • Won’t leave drinks tasting flat and stale like disposable paper or reusable plastic cups can


  • Sends a strong positive signal about your event’s values and environmental credentials
  • Promotes UK-based manufacturing, securing jobs and maintaining specialist skills


  • Highlights the benefits of the circular economy - promoting reuse and repair rather than single-use disposable, compostable or recycled products. Recycling can consume large amounts of water and energy.
  • Questions the suitability of plastics for reusables

Did you know that:

Every piece of plastic that has ever been made still exists as it takes 500 years for plastics to break down.

(source: The Raw Foundation)

The Story

In 2014 Glogg was set a challenge… could we develop a stainless steel pint cup to replace the huge volume of paper cups used and discarded at one of the UK’s largest music festivals?

We then stepped up the challenge… could we design and manufacture this new product in the UK?

Finally in summer 2015, following many months of slog, set backs and sleepless nights, we’re hugely proud to launch the glogg stainless steel reusable cup. This has been achieved thanks to the expert knowledge and unwavering support of APS Metal Pressings Ltd. Birmingham.

Key Features

  • 568ml UK pint size
  • Weighs only 115g
  • Stacks efficiently
  • Tailored for maximum nucleation – drinks taste and look great
  • MDU compatible
  • Dishwasher safe

Get the Cup

For event or venue managers

  • Reduce environmental impact
  • Improve audience experience
  • Improve reputation
  • Reduce costs

Purchase: If you’re looking to purchase a stock of cups for use at your own event, venue or festival then please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Lease: Glogg stainless steel pint cups can also be leased on a temporary basis. We work with UK-based partners to provide an end-to-end cups lease and washing service to cater for your event.

For Retailers

Please contact us to request a wholesale price list.